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Second Hand Car Spares in Berkshire

At A1 Group, we have invested in the very latest second hand car processing capabilities. Not only do we de-pollute end-of-life-vehicles (ELVs), but we also offer you second hand car spares at amazing prices. If you are looking for second hand car spares that are rare, there is a good chance that we have them.

Used Car Parts:

Are you looking for affordable used car parts? Welcome to A1 Group, where we will give you exactly what you need. Our used car parts are always in good condition too, so you need not ever worry about getting substandard products from us. So why wait? Try us out now.  We service all of Berkshire, including Wokingham, and Reading.

Used Car Spares:

Used car spares were never this easy to find. Sometimes you can’t find just the right spare parts for your car. Here, at A1 Group, you will find a large collection of Reading used car spares at amazing prices, so you stand a good chance of finding exactly what you need.

Contact us about our rates for second hand car parts.



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Wokingham Metal Recycling and Car Spares have the largest site in the Berkshire area and the widest choice available for quality used car spares. This is supported by a logistics network of towing and fleet vehicles for both local towing and vehicle collection from Wokingham and Reading, and longer distance, anywhere in Berkshire.